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Railroad Tigers

Railroad Tigers

Alternative Title:
Cast: Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Jackie Chan, Darren Wang, Alan Ng, Sang Ping
Category: New Comedy
&Release: January 6, 2017
Genres: Action, Comedy, War
Added: January 14, 2017
Railroad Tigers is another action, where Jackie Chan shows his incredible potential to permanently keep us in pressure and to make us believe in the movie plot. The story this time brings us to the old China, during Second World War, when the country was quite poor and the Asian hegemonic power was the one and only Japan. A group of railroad workers need of a leader and you can guess who`s going to be put in charge of this role and how much he will change their lives.

Title Parts Updated
- Watch - 14 January 2017


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Posted: 14 March 2017, 12:41 pm
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