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Alternative Title:
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Hugh Jackman, Richard E. Grant, Elizabeth Rodriguez
Category: New Action
&Release: March 3, 2017
Genres: Action, Adventure
Added: March 22, 2017
Logan meets you with legendary hero Loganís daughter, one of X-men. As a matter of fact, the time the movie takes place in is not pleasant for the X-men at all. It is 2029 and mutants are about to disappear from the Earth. Professor X seems to have gone mad, while Logan prefers to drink and does not care about his future or life at allÖUntil one day, they both meet a little girl, who is literarily Loganís copy and has some enemies to run away from.

Title Parts Updated
- Watch - 22 March 2017


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