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23-F: la pelicula

23-F: la pelicula

Alternative Title:
Cast: Karlos Aurrekoetxea, Jordi Bosch, Luis Callejo, Juan Calot, Jesus Castejon, Fernando Cayo, Juan Diego, Jose Luis Diaz, Gines Garcia Millan, Lluis Marco, Joan Pera, Ramon Quesada
Category: Other Movies
&Release: February 23, 2011
Genres: History
Added: February 1, 2011
The failed coup of February 23, 1981, which began with the takeover of the Congress and ended with the release of parliamentarians, put at serious risk of Spanish democracy. While Tejero and his men held hostage to the deputies, the King, from his office, trying to hold the military and civilian forces organize. In between, a complex where Milans and Navy moved the wires. Upstage, Spain lived entire slope of the radio and television. '23F' is the story of three shots: the Milans, the Armada and weaving. The coup fails when Tejero begins to understand that has been used.

Title Parts Updated
Watch Online 03 July 2011


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