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16 Wishes

16 Wishes

Alternative Title:
Cast: Debby Ryan, Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Anna Mae Routledge
Category: New Fantasy
&Release: June 23, 2010
Genres: Family, Fantasy
Added: September 5, 2010
Another Disney made for TV movie...trying to promote its' young stars. The actress this time is Debbie Ryan..who is apple fresh and glowing..and fairly talented too. She has been on another of Disneys' TV shows..'The Suite Life On Deck'..and now she gets a shot at becoming a major Disney star. The movie is typical Disney fare..the main character is faced with a major problem..seeks to find a way to fix it..and somehow manages to mess things up...because she was too greedy and wanted to be someone other than who she was. She then gets a second chance to fix things back to normal..and finally, she does...learning a lesson in the process. All is saved and everyone goes home happy. It is predictable as all things Disney are when it comes to movies..but kids should enjoy it..especially pre teen and teen girls. Fairy tales do come true...and while real life is not quite like this...it is fine family fare.

Title Parts Updated
Watch Online 25 December 2010


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