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Alternative Title:
Cast: Sam Riley Jason Statham Mickey Rourke Ray Winstone Ray Liotta Emmanuelle Chriqui
Category: New Drama
&Release: March 13, 2010
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Added: February 24, 2010
At the edge of adolescence, Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood) is a promising student and the loving apple of her mother's eye. But that was before she fell under the spell of Evie (Nikki Reed), the most popular and beautiful girl in school. Tracy aches to become Evie's friend but fails the secret code of acceptance. Wrong socks, wrong look. As Tracy transforms to reach for a new life, her world becomes a boiling, emotional cauldron fueled by new tensions between her and her mother, teachers, and old friends. Each decision is radical, each choicSebastian, a young man, has decided to follow instructions intended for someone else, without knowing where they will take him. Something elsehe does not know is that Gerard Dorez, a cop on a knife-edge, is tailing him. When he reaches his destination, Sebastian falls into a degenerate,clandestine world of mental chaos behind closed doors in which men gamble on the lives of others men.e is major, each crisis is huge, and it all makes Tracy squeal with horror and excitement. But that's what it's like to be 13!

Title Parts Updated
Watch Online 25 December 2010


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